Saturday, 28 December 2013


Does the advent of New Years have you in a tizzy on what to wear? 
This Party Season, Get the Bling on!

Unleash your fun side with a Blingy Sequined INNANA gown. Swap your party staple Little Black Dress for a LBD Little Blingy Dress!

Enter the Party Scene in Style with a Stunning JADE Halter with carefully crafted Sequins with Antique Gold Finish!

Indulge in a luxurious spin with JADE’s Tailored Classic Blue Anarkali for a Festive-party! 

You can’t go wrong with Gold Jewellery and Accessories, we suggest upping the ante with a Head-to-Toe Gold look. How about this Stunning INNANA Peach Blush Gown with Gold embroidered accents?

A touch of Sparkle is all you need to get into the mood for celebration. Think accessories like rhinestones, alluring crystal earrings or an elegant brooch! 

JADE family wishes you the Happiest 2014!! 

Wednesday, 18 December 2013


Jade’s campaign looks are based on the inspiration behind the collection, series of looks are created to reflect JADE’s aesthetics…

In our latest collection inspired by ‘Gompas of Ladakh’ JADE took it a notch higher with exquisite styling and makeup looks.

JADE’s Headgears were crafted from top grade raw materials that were sourced from across the world.

Multi-dimensional shimmering stones and glitter instantly adds a touch of grandeur!


The gold-honey colored embroidery along with lavish textures surely up-scale this masterpiece.

                                 Miss universe contestant Manasi Moghe adorning JADE’s Stunning Head gear. 

Jade lauds the rare opportunity to create finest handcrafted garments, that is appreciated and enjoyed by the aesthete and discerning few.

Friday, 13 December 2013


Indulge in Winter Wonderland this Fall with INNANA’s Chic  soir√©e inspired by Claude Monet’s Gardens of Giverny. 

The silhouettes for Collection 2013/14 are also inspired by the flow of Monet’s work – from delicately formed gowns reminiscent of the ethereal flowers in Monet’s Water Lilies to structured dresses that remind us of the detailed awe-inspiring natural structures as seen in his The Cliff at √Čtretat after the Storm

 Fresh cuts, experimental silhouettes and innovative design philosophy makes each of our pieces Unique! 

Be prepared to be spellbound this party season with INNANA’s collection inspired by Claude Monet’s Gardens of Giverny symbolic of French Romance & Glamour!

Head to JADE INNANA for the 'It' Collection for the Upcoming Season! 
Visit us for Cocktail Saris & Eveningwear, inspired by the Old-World Glamour & Romance of Monet's Giverny! 

Contact us at 022-2387-0101 for more details!