Saturday, 29 June 2013

Signature JADE - Shades of JADE!

Launched in 2008, JADE by Monica and Karishma has carved out a distinctive entity within the echelons of Indian fashion. Reimagining traditional favourites in unique colours and unconventional styling, JADE’s style leaves quite a calling card!
In this new series about Signature JADE, we talk about the things that make JADE, well, JADE and which have awed our friends and fans!

Colour and the fearless use of it has always been JADE’s forte. Pairing contrasts together highlight on each colour’s quality and brings it out!

Breaking misconceptions about the stationary nature of Indian style, JADE has reworked trends to appeal to the modern Indian woman – One who appreciates the heritage she’s part of and who also enjoys living in the moment.


ColourBlocking is a trend that brings art to life. Strong shades in paintings such as Van Gogh’s Sunflowers or Mondrian’s abstract Compositions have evoked strong feelings of peace, joy, calmness on one hand and determination on the other. With its colourblocked saris, JADE creates strong reactions of awe in its audience.

The use of metallics in tones gives an edgy and luxe feel to an ensemble.  Textured golds, silvers, and bronzes create a great background upon which looks can be fashioned! Just imagine…a vibrant raspberry sari against a gold blouse..Refreshing and oh-so-very chic, isn’t it?!

The use of colour and simple styling creates a timeless and chic look. Relying on the strength of the colours, JADE’s styling has reflected simple sophistication. What has been your favourite JADE colour? 

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

The Fascinating World of Saree

It's here to stay...It's here to win hearts...Over the years sarees have beautifully blended itself to suit the new fashion trend.

The most wonderful thing about this nine-yard fabric is that it does not judge. In fact, it beautifully  transcends all shape, size and age barriers. 

So whether it is a formal evening, a sit-down dinner or a funky party, the saree has always been a woman’s secret jewel.

It sure brings out the best in a women. It playfully reveals and it a mysterious, yet sensuous appeal. 

We at JADE honour this very stylish and contemporary look. 

Join we celebrate the elegance...for today and forever :)

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Be Bold, Be Fiery...Be You!

American designer Bill Blass rightly said, "When in doubt wear red!"

We can't agree more!! Red stimulates passion, intensity and love. Red makes a statement -- a bold line. It speaks for you, it takes charge for you!

Whether it's fruity hues or rich ruby tones, red will zap in life and zest! And, this season we are all for this striking, fiery colour that makes you stand out.

If you are wearing it you are going to catch the eye of everyone with class and style.

Aspiring JADE Brides - The Campaign!

Last week, our lovely Aspiring JADE Brides lived their bridal dream through us..Three lucky brides-to-be won the chance to explore the world of JADE and be part of a photo shoot at our exclusive boutique in Mumbai.

Three brides-to-be from different backgrounds but who shared a common love and passion for the artistry at JADE. We asked them, 'Was it all that you dreamed of?

Tanisha Doshi, a lawyer and one of our aspiring JADE brides said, "The reality of JADE is so much better that scrolling through the lovely posts and imagining myself in them! I always knew I liked the subtle style and colours at JADE but I was blown away by the way the fabric feels to the touch and how incredibly beautiful I looked while wearing one of their luxurious lehengas!

Swapna Johari, a student at Le Cordon Bleu in Paris, further says, "I love colour and I love bold designs. However, I do intensely dislike over-the-top bling. I love sensible design and JADE is the place for it!"

Gunjan Thakkar, a purchase manager, completely agreed with what Swapna had to say, "My mother and my sister always say you wear only calming colours - you're a bride and you have to dress that way! I have always been slightly wary of too much colour but at JADE, both the colours and the fabrics are just and luxe that wearing them makes me feel like a queen!'

To which Tanisha quips, 'And isn't that the right way to start the first day of your marriage!!' to peals of laughter!