Monday, 30 September 2013

JADE Bride Hemanshi

In our latest series on the JADE Brides about those brides who make designing a pleasure and an honour, read all about JADE Bride Hemanshi’s Jade Journey!

A Mumbai resident, Hemanshi is actively pursuing her interest in fashion by studying to be a designer herself.
JADE was a natural choice for her Big Day as she had always admired the creativity. ‘Since I study just across the road, it was a very natural move for me to admire what’s in the windows – when we decided to get married, I knew that JADE is the one brand I HAVE to visit!’

‘When I entered the store, my eye naturally went to the stunning silhouettes and the classic JADE embroidery. I fell in love with the designs and so did my family – we’re all JADE women!’

Hemanshi looked absolutely stunning during her wedding festivities and when asked about how she feels about the JADE Experience, she exclaimed, “The experience in Jade was amazing! I had a great time getting my outfits created by the designer and the service in-store was lovely – I was completely pampered and I loved it!”

Hemanshi, JADE was privileged to have designed your outfits for your Big Day! Here’s wishing you the very best! 

Monday, 16 September 2013


JADE by Monica and Karishma has been honoured to have designed for some of the loveliest brides in these past 5 years. Brides from all walks of life have flocked to Jade to help them with their dream outfit for the moment they’ve been waiting for. We have been constantly inspired by these modern-day brides and our designs have tried to appeal to them on every level.

In our latest series on the JADE Bride, we sat down with JADE Brides who truly epitomize the spirit of Jade. Our first post is about Shabnum.

From London, Shabnum is part of the fashion and style industry herself. She owns Little Mistress, a brand dedicated to young women. Apart from her work, she is passionate about travelling and spending time with her family.

When the time came to choose her wedding outfit, she headed to India and the JADE posters caught her eye right away! She elaborates, “As soon as I walked in, I knew you had some amazing pieces. I am a VERY fussy shopper and I thought all your clothing was so different to what we usually see in the Indian clothing industry...I chose what suited me and didn’t have to compromise for anything!”

Shabnum looks gorgeous in her customised JADE ensemble! 

I got two outfits – my mehendi and my wedding. My wedding outfit, as soon as I saw it, I knew it was for me!  The contrast of the colours used was stunning. Jade is by far my favorite boutique in India and I will definitely be buying again. Amazing clothing and amazing service. Could not have asked for much more!”

Like a Queen!

We wish you the best for your new life ahead!

Friday, 13 September 2013

INNANA's inspiration-2013-14 Monet’s Secret Garden of Giverny

“My garden is my most beautiful masterpiece” – Claude Monet,master impressionist (1883 – 1926).

These very words are the starting point of JADE’s collection Innana Collection 2013-14. Inspired by the artistry of Impressionist painter Monet’s art and gardens, the collection, titled ‘Monet’s Secret Garden of Giverny’ seeks to replicate his wonder-filled gardens; the bud and bloom, the symmetry and forms, and the vibrant colors, of course!

Jade’s Fall/Winter Collection Innana is inspired by the wealth of art presented by Monet’s work – be it his gardens or his art. Blissful yet energetic, classically beautiful yet revolutionary, Monet has inspired us in more ways than one – witness how his brush work has inspired the delicately embroidered blooms in our canvas, and the layered tulle and silk creating a luxe effect, all subtly rendered to capture the imagination of the modern Jade bride!

Collection Innana, designed to appeal to the myriad aspects of being a woman, has incredible details to appeal to women from all walks of life. Stylized metallic accents glam up the ensembles, and quiet embroidery adds a different texture, look, and feel to the creation, lending the subtle sparkle as in the lily pond of Monet's garden! Look out of Ombre Effects that add a dash of Quirky Elegance!

The silhouettes for Collection 2013/14 are also inspired by the flow of Monet’s work – from delicately formed gowns reminiscent of the ethereal flowers in Monet’s Water Lilies to structured dresses that remind us of the detailed awe-inspiring natural structures as seen in his The Cliff at √Čtretat after the Storm.
Image credits- deviant art 

Friday, 6 September 2013

10 Ways To Stand Out!

The Big Wedding Season is upon us and everyone wants to look fabulous – of course! How can you dress so that you can look unique and unconventional, yet very you at the same time? JADE shows you how!

1.       Don’t be afraid to experiment! Indian Style is always elegant – you can inject a bit of fun by experimenting with silhouettes. We’re in love with this multi-layered anarkali- so elegant yet refreshing!

2.    Look for ways in which you can add a bit of jazz to your outfit – the quickest way is through accessories – opt for different styles of tassels – a butterfly tassel adds instant irreverent charm!

3. Work through the trends and restyle them! Pair a fluid lehenga with a solid corset, or wear an asymmetrical lehenga – the world’s your oyster!

4.  Style your sari in different drapes – a structured jacket paired with your sari will look regal and chic. Jazz it up with unusual accessories like a deep gold nose ring or jeweled ear cuffs

5.  Step outside your comfort zone – mojris instead of heels – Chic and definitely impressive!

6. Chunk it up! Mix and match your jewellery – stacked rings and glass bangles! Your mum’s diamond bracelet with a mannish watch – so stylish!

7. Today’s It Trend – to-die-for Nails! Nail Art is a Must this Season!

8. Accentuate the Perfect Indian Silhouette with Kamarbandhs!

9. Minimalist yet indubitably stylish, shoulder cuffs styled with your blouse will be all about pairing the best of both worlds – the old and the new!

1 0.  The Wedding Season is all about Fun – chart your own Style Path!

Monday, 2 September 2013

Introducing Innana.. Celebrating Womanhood!

JADE by Monica & Karishma is spreading its wings. After establishing us as the It Bridal Boutique, we launched Innana in early 2013, thereby introducing a New Aesthetic!

The name is inspired by Sumerian Mesopotamian Goddess of Love, Beauty, War, Fertility, and perhaps best of all, Lady of Myriad Offices and Queen of Heaven and Earth.

Yes, we are all about femininity, one that is pure and free, ascetic and playful. INNANA defines a woman who stands her ground and invariably triumphs.

Thus, our collection is perfect for anyone who sees herself at Chic soirees. The INNANA collection comprises evening gowns, cocktail sarees for special soirees and capsule collection of jackets, jeans and accessories.

So, come join us as we celebrate the spirit of womanhood!