Monday, 30 September 2013

JADE Bride Hemanshi

In our latest series on the JADE Brides about those brides who make designing a pleasure and an honour, read all about JADE Bride Hemanshi’s Jade Journey!

A Mumbai resident, Hemanshi is actively pursuing her interest in fashion by studying to be a designer herself.
JADE was a natural choice for her Big Day as she had always admired the creativity. ‘Since I study just across the road, it was a very natural move for me to admire what’s in the windows – when we decided to get married, I knew that JADE is the one brand I HAVE to visit!’

‘When I entered the store, my eye naturally went to the stunning silhouettes and the classic JADE embroidery. I fell in love with the designs and so did my family – we’re all JADE women!’

Hemanshi looked absolutely stunning during her wedding festivities and when asked about how she feels about the JADE Experience, she exclaimed, “The experience in Jade was amazing! I had a great time getting my outfits created by the designer and the service in-store was lovely – I was completely pampered and I loved it!”

Hemanshi, JADE was privileged to have designed your outfits for your Big Day! Here’s wishing you the very best! 

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