Monday, 2 September 2013

Introducing Innana.. Celebrating Womanhood!

JADE by Monica & Karishma is spreading its wings. After establishing us as the It Bridal Boutique, we launched Innana in early 2013, thereby introducing a New Aesthetic!

The name is inspired by Sumerian Mesopotamian Goddess of Love, Beauty, War, Fertility, and perhaps best of all, Lady of Myriad Offices and Queen of Heaven and Earth.

Yes, we are all about femininity, one that is pure and free, ascetic and playful. INNANA defines a woman who stands her ground and invariably triumphs.

Thus, our collection is perfect for anyone who sees herself at Chic soirees. The INNANA collection comprises evening gowns, cocktail sarees for special soirees and capsule collection of jackets, jeans and accessories.

So, come join us as we celebrate the spirit of womanhood!

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