Friday, 13 September 2013

INNANA's inspiration-2013-14 Monet’s Secret Garden of Giverny

“My garden is my most beautiful masterpiece” – Claude Monet,master impressionist (1883 – 1926).

These very words are the starting point of JADE’s collection Innana Collection 2013-14. Inspired by the artistry of Impressionist painter Monet’s art and gardens, the collection, titled ‘Monet’s Secret Garden of Giverny’ seeks to replicate his wonder-filled gardens; the bud and bloom, the symmetry and forms, and the vibrant colors, of course!

Jade’s Fall/Winter Collection Innana is inspired by the wealth of art presented by Monet’s work – be it his gardens or his art. Blissful yet energetic, classically beautiful yet revolutionary, Monet has inspired us in more ways than one – witness how his brush work has inspired the delicately embroidered blooms in our canvas, and the layered tulle and silk creating a luxe effect, all subtly rendered to capture the imagination of the modern Jade bride!

Collection Innana, designed to appeal to the myriad aspects of being a woman, has incredible details to appeal to women from all walks of life. Stylized metallic accents glam up the ensembles, and quiet embroidery adds a different texture, look, and feel to the creation, lending the subtle sparkle as in the lily pond of Monet's garden! Look out of Ombre Effects that add a dash of Quirky Elegance!

The silhouettes for Collection 2013/14 are also inspired by the flow of Monet’s work – from delicately formed gowns reminiscent of the ethereal flowers in Monet’s Water Lilies to structured dresses that remind us of the detailed awe-inspiring natural structures as seen in his The Cliff at Étretat after the Storm.
Image credits- deviant art 

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