Saturday, 31 August 2013

JADE's Collection 2013-14 : The Gompas of Ladakh!

JADE by Monica and Karishma has always striven to create something new, something unusual. Our quest to provide the modern Indian bride the most alluring options took us across the cultural landscape of India to Ladakh and its Gompas! 

The Sanskrit name of Gompa is "Vihara" which typically form monasteries, nunneries and university that are meant for learning, lineage and sadhana located in the regions of Ladakh in India, Tibet, Bhutan and Nepal. The art and architecture of each and every Gompas differ from region to region, however, there are common features of all the Gompas! 

These Gompas are not only famous for their places of worships for Buddhist people but also famous for their architectural marvel and beautiful paintings and locations that attracted the tourists from all over the world. A large number of pilgrims and tourists also get attracted during their religious ceremonies, annual festivals, and seasonal festivals.

This Bridal Season 2013-14, witness JADE's Artistic Marvels inspired by the Gompas come alive! 

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