Friday, 9 August 2013

Your Big Day!

The JADE Bride is constantly on the look out for the unusual, the unconventional, something that's off the beaten path.. Fiercely independent, she's determined that one of the most momentous events of her life be the same!

That's why we compiled a list of wedding ideas that would appeal to our JADE Brides!

1. Having a dreamy fairytale-esque wedding? Opt for antique jhoolas scattered across pavillions for intimate conversations.

2. No Indian wedding can be complete with something sweet! Delectable personalised cupcakes are quite the luxe option.

3. Weddings are the perfect time to get your photos clicked - you look fabulous! Photo Booths are a fun way to capture some memories. Get a fun background, a few props, and voila! Something you'll cherish for the rest of your life.

4. The Bangle-Maker is an idea that would appeal to ladies regardless of age, style, political affiliation!

5. Themed Weddings are quite the rage now! Why don't you discover a theme that's special for you and your fiance? Maybe you'll love travelling...a destination wedding's the way to go! Maybe you'll love the glam and masala of Bollywood..opt for a Bollywood-themed wedding! The world's your oyster.

6. The ideal solution for a tech-savvy bride! Instagram! Create a special hashtag for your wedding and have guests Instagram photos of your!

7. Create a short film around your wedding, you and your fiance!

8. Pre-Wedding Shoots can have a completely different vibe than the Wedding Shoots.. Go for a casual, very you Pre-Wedding Shoot!

9. As day turns into night, and your guests are enjoying the reception, masks a la Venetian style could be a great accessory to add a bit of style and eccentricity to your wedding!

10. And, last but not the least, why not concoct a special wedding cocktail? After all, it's your day!

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