Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Aspiring JADE Brides - The Campaign!

Last week, our lovely Aspiring JADE Brides lived their bridal dream through us..Three lucky brides-to-be won the chance to explore the world of JADE and be part of a photo shoot at our exclusive boutique in Mumbai.

Three brides-to-be from different backgrounds but who shared a common love and passion for the artistry at JADE. We asked them, 'Was it all that you dreamed of?

Tanisha Doshi, a lawyer and one of our aspiring JADE brides said, "The reality of JADE is so much better that scrolling through the lovely posts and imagining myself in them! I always knew I liked the subtle style and colours at JADE but I was blown away by the way the fabric feels to the touch and how incredibly beautiful I looked while wearing one of their luxurious lehengas!

Swapna Johari, a student at Le Cordon Bleu in Paris, further says, "I love colour and I love bold designs. However, I do intensely dislike over-the-top bling. I love sensible design and JADE is the place for it!"

Gunjan Thakkar, a purchase manager, completely agreed with what Swapna had to say, "My mother and my sister always say you wear only calming colours - you're a bride and you have to dress that way! I have always been slightly wary of too much colour but at JADE, both the colours and the fabrics are just so..rich and luxe that wearing them makes me feel like a queen!'

To which Tanisha quips, 'And isn't that the right way to start the first day of your marriage!!' to peals of laughter!



  1. This is all you Hard work so all the Credit goes to you only. Thank you very much for making your customer more beautiful with your WORK.

    1. Hi Ayesha! Thanks so much :). It's lovely having one of our most active Facebook friends here!