Saturday, 29 June 2013

Signature JADE - Shades of JADE!

Launched in 2008, JADE by Monica and Karishma has carved out a distinctive entity within the echelons of Indian fashion. Reimagining traditional favourites in unique colours and unconventional styling, JADE’s style leaves quite a calling card!
In this new series about Signature JADE, we talk about the things that make JADE, well, JADE and which have awed our friends and fans!

Colour and the fearless use of it has always been JADE’s forte. Pairing contrasts together highlight on each colour’s quality and brings it out!

Breaking misconceptions about the stationary nature of Indian style, JADE has reworked trends to appeal to the modern Indian woman – One who appreciates the heritage she’s part of and who also enjoys living in the moment.


ColourBlocking is a trend that brings art to life. Strong shades in paintings such as Van Gogh’s Sunflowers or Mondrian’s abstract Compositions have evoked strong feelings of peace, joy, calmness on one hand and determination on the other. With its colourblocked saris, JADE creates strong reactions of awe in its audience.

The use of metallics in tones gives an edgy and luxe feel to an ensemble.  Textured golds, silvers, and bronzes create a great background upon which looks can be fashioned! Just imagine…a vibrant raspberry sari against a gold blouse..Refreshing and oh-so-very chic, isn’t it?!

The use of colour and simple styling creates a timeless and chic look. Relying on the strength of the colours, JADE’s styling has reflected simple sophistication. What has been your favourite JADE colour? 

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