Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Feeling Inspired!

So we are neck deep in editing our first official brand film for the web and each frame, each cut and each snippet feels so close to the heart. It's a new yet interesting creative process for us, from getting the opening shot right to the perfectly complimentary musical score. Of course, there are some gorgeous brand films out there by those who lead and define the business of fashion.

While taking a quick break from the editing table, we decided to sneak a peek at some of the most recent brand campaigns that have caught the collective attention of the fashionistas out there. Turns out,
Louis Vuitton, the French luxury fashion house has just unveiled a new film to the world.

And it is a sight to behold. The film pays homage to the brand's home and invokes a haunting and dark emotion that you can't quite identify. The soaring music really adds to the mysterious mood as well. Really enjoyed the film. The last shot of the model soaring in the sky makes you think that owning a LV product is something you truly have to earn.

Just wanted to share this latest piece of LV magic with the world before the editing table beckons again..ah at least we are feeling inspired again to make that Jade film a winner :)

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