Thursday, 16 May 2013

New trend on the block!

It’s official: Colour is summer’s biggest trend. And, it is here to stay. From neon pink to cobalt blue and from bold strokes to subtle hues every colour is playing up its part in creating history.

Now, colours from different families are popularising an exciting trend called ‘Colour Blocking’. Started a year ago, this trend is all about creating a fun, vivacious experience. The best way to wear carry the colour blocking trend is with oodles of confidence.

What’s colour blocking? As the name suggests it literally means an outfit made up of block of colours. That’s right! The best way to wear it is by choosing colours that are direct opposite on the colour chart or colour wheel. For instance try mixing pink and yellow or orange and blue or green and black to get the right look.

We at JADE chose green and dark blue to give our saree a new-age twist. And, to glorify its look we teamed it with a beautiful ornate blouse. Now, who can stop you from being the showstopper?!  So, spin your way into the world of fashion.

Before you go, here’s a quick list of dos and don’ts:

Do: Choose colours that have the same level of intensity. For instance, teaming up a bright pink with a dull blue, is a complete no-no!

DON'T: As a thumb rule stick to plain fabric. Don’t add prints or stripes or florals or any other patterns. You don’t want to compete with a circus clown, do you?

DO: Keep the look simple. This means stick to metallic or black accessories.

DON'T: Never team the outfit with bags and shoes of the same colour. You are not here to co-ordinate things… you are here to have fun!

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