Monday, 7 October 2013

JADE's Sari Fest 2013

The Annual JADE Sari fest held recently on the 4th & 5th of October was much loved and appreciated! The embroidery and the detailing, the cuts and the silhouettes of the blouses, the in-store d├ęcor all projected an aura of elegance…Quintessentially JADE!

This season, be prepared to be amazed by the wealth of styles at JADE!

The Multi-shaded Sari is the epitome of glamour! Dip-dyed French Chiffon saris are available in stunning shades of peaches, berry pinks and royal Blues. With carefully crafted Silk borders and adorned with delicate embroidery, our chic saris are an exercise in unique! The subtle nature of this Sari stands out due its vibrant colour schemes and delicate fall. Pair this unique creation with a stunning backless bejeweled blouse and voila! You are nothing short of a retro queen.

Bringing back tradition with a hint of Glamour, this work of art is Jade's very own Benarasi sari. With hand-woven weaves from Benaras, this unique Sari has intricate Japanese Bugle Bead embroidery on is borders. Adorned with unique floral motifs, this Sari is a winner in all aspects. Retaining the bright hues of Rani-pinks and Cobalt Blues this is a must have!  JADE's Benarasi Sari collection is inspired by the beauty of Benarasi weaves and is compelled to create Stunning Pieces that radiate timeless wonder…Get a one-of-a-kind sari with Benarasi weaves created by Monica and Karishma!

The Chantilly Lace Sari has succeeded in bringing back the aura of royalty. Crafted from the delicate Chantilly lace from Paris, this Sari is detailed and created with utmost love and care. This stunning creation demands attention! Available in hues of muted greys, beige, pink and gold this Sari transforms the woman adorning it. Upscale the glam quotient by pairing it up with a Heavy-Choker and full-length blouse. 

The Gompas of Ladakh, our theme for 2013-14 have inspired our vibrant sari! The Gompa-inspired elements incorporated with JADE's signature embroidery are something that’s sure to grab attention. Scattered motifs on stunning lush colours make this sari a winner!

The stunning JADE Saris are sure to leave you spell-bound! Do visit our Store to have a first-hand Sari experience. So it's only fair that we offer a small sneak peak into our world, to let you experience the magic that is JADE! 

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