Friday, 12 July 2013

Inspirational Hampi!

JADE by Monica and Karishma has always aimed to play a pivotal role in the preservation of the cultural scape of India’s rich history of material culture. Using traditional techniques such as Benarasi Saree weaving & hand-woven embroidery that elicit an aura of royalty and decadence has been Jade’s motto.

In India, land of the plentiful, inspiration is not always hard to find. The rich history has provided so many different styles and perspectives; one is, honestly, spoiled! Jade has always drawn from this wealthy bank and have walked away richer.

One of our constant inspirations has been the glorious architecture at Hampi in South India. The Vijaynagar Dynasty, established in 1336 C.E created masterpieces of the naturally available soapstone! Buildings ranged from civic & military to religious & royal palaces.

Inspired by other schools of architecture, the final results displayed a rich amalgamation of inspired styles. Drawing both from Hindu and Islamic architecture, this can be witnessed in the geometrical structure of the temples and the intricate detailing of motifs.

JADE is inspired by this attention to detail as well as the structuring which transform the style into a masterpiece of art and dedication. We are inspired by the classic style, and the inspired creations – and isn’t that what Jade is all about? Reimagination & Preservation!

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