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The Exquisite World of Saris - Welcome to Orissa!

In our second post on the Exquisite Saris of India, we’re here to talk about the timeless elegance of Orissa’s weaves. Famous for its Ikat weaves, Orissa has a wealth of weaving styles that have created some evergreen favourites.

Ikat Weaves

The hand-woven textiles of Orissa stand out with their unusual patterns and vibrant color schemes. The inspirations for these sarees come from the rich heritage of the sub-continent. Typical design motifs include rows of birds and animals, fish, seashells, rudraksh beads and temple spires. 

The rural areas are famous for creating weaves in tassar silk with a brilliance, glaze and texture that is unmatched. The rare silk fabric produced at Nuapatna in Cuttack district embellished with verses from the Gitagovinda is used to dress the idols at the Jagannath Temple.

Apart from the renowned Ikat Weave, Orissa has some lovely distinctive saris as well! The Berhampuri Pata are heavy silk sarees with narrow borders, generally woven without any intricate motifs.

The Saktapar sari, from the weaving looms of Sambalpur, Bargarh and Sonepur are identifiable by the double ikat checkerboard pattern and brocade border. The weaving arts of Sambalpur-Sonepur and Nuapatna have greatly influenced each other.

Style from Orissa

The Bomkai cotton saris from Ganjam district, named after a tribal village, have been influenced by tribal art, and are embroidered with temple spire patterns on the border.

The other typical varieties of Odisha  saris, in silk and cotton, include the glossy Khanduas having elaborate designs, the rich red jotai ikat with rows of stylized trees and temple spires on the borders, the unbleached cotton kotpad from Koraput offset by a vibrant red dyed border, the Taraballi and the Bichitrapuri. The tribal people of the State also excel in producing textiles of myriad hues using vegetable dyes.

Silk Saris from Orissa

An Orissa drape gives you an edge and that distinct style. A large Bindi, lots of kohl with chunky ear rings are the only accessories you will need to look like an ethnic diva! 

JADE by Monica and Karishma is amazed by and inspired by the beauty of these weaves and compelled to create ensembles that speak of timeless wonder. 

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