Saturday, 30 November 2013

Fashion Swap!


Deepika Padukone is more than just a style icon, she knows her mind, heart and wardrobe! This lady is sure to have you smitten with her incomparable style.

In 2008 Deepika wore JADE’s sultry Pink Lehenga Ensemble in the movie Break ke Baad. This embellished ensemble is a vortex of sequins with a fresh shade of pink.  Dull sequins and ornate zardozi in shades of Gold makes it a pristine color of choice for brides world over. 

It was JADE’s collection INNANA gown at Hello India Hall of Fame awards for Deepika. She wore a  romantic red gown. She looked ravishing while receiving ‘The best Entertainer of The Year award'.

So, which look do you prefer? 

Image Credtis : High Heel Confidential.