Saturday, 9 November 2013

JADE in Spotlight!

This year innovation took a new turn as JADE designed the National costume for Miss India Manasi Moghe!

Manasi Moghe during her dress rehearsal at JADE Store, Peddar Road. 

Manasi Moghe transformed into the Princess of Ladakh at the National Costume round of the Miss Universe 2013 contest, at Vegas Mall.

The national costume draws inspiration from the Gompas of Ladakh, from the Himalayan Highlands in India. Vital to the very existence of Buddhism, the Gompas are spiritual fortifications of Lineage, Learning, and Sadhana. 

This modern high – low silhouette draws from the architecture of these minimalist structures & the palette of deep vermillion and dusty gold draws from the stupendous art found inside the Gompas. Manasi looked an epitome of glam as she strutted in JADE’s sensational outfit! The designs and motifs are inspired by plethora of magnificence, bliss of nature and timeless art-deep rooted in the splendid panoramas of Ladakh.


What is a beauty queen without her Tiara!

The Tiara is inspired by the Crowned Avatar of Buddha. Daintly chic feminine and flowy, tulle fabric adds an enjoyable touch of whimsy.

The contestants represented national pride and identity by walking the ramp in their colourful and gorgeous costumes. The National Costume round is one of the most awaited and talked-about events of the beauty pageant. Manasi Moghe sure made waves with her glam JADE outfit.

Don’t forget to catch Manasi Moghe India's entry at Miss Universe 2013, Moscow, Russia.

Airing exclusively on November 9th 2013 at 11:30 pm on Zoom TV

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